Cortex-Debug is a plugin to enhance the debug capabilities of Visual Studio Code when debugging embedded software running on ARM® Cortex-M microcontrollers.

In addition to standard debugging tools, the following ARM Cortex specialized tools have been added:

  •  Core Register Viewer, including separating the xPSR and control registers into their constituent fields.
  • Peripheral Register Viewer - Allows easy viewing and modification of peripheral registers for your microcontroller, as defined in a SVD file.
  • SWO Decoding - Allows decoding of SWO output data across all 32 available SWO ports. This data can be decoded as either console text output, or as binary data (as 32-bit signed, 32-bit unsigned, single precision float or signed q16.16 fixed point numbers).
  • Live graphing of SWO decoded data - SWO decoded data can be fed into a graphing system to plot live graphs of data as it is received from the microcontroller.